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Cardamom Products


Cardamom is a tropical plant of the ginger family Zingiberaceae. The spice refers to a genus among an eclectic range of flowering plants. It comes in two varieties – Elettaria or small cardamom and Amomum or large cardamom. The Elettaria (small or green cardamom) is most commonly consumed and therefore also most traded globally.Cardamom has a warm fortifying fragrance that is a critical aspect of its appeal. It is derived from the Latin word cardamomum and is a spice plant native to India and Sri Lanka. It is also used for medical purposes as it is very curative in nature. It helps in healing of sore throat, whitening of teeth, treatment of digestive disorders etc. Cardamoms, being one of the primary ingredients, is used in a variety of products such as herbal health supplements such as tea bags, cardamom powders, cardamom liquids. etc.

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